Refund Policy

Solar System

Refund amount will be deposited to buySolar registered customer’s local bank savings or current account within 30 days from the cancellation acceptance date from buySolar. buySolar will contact the customer to obtain and verify the registered customer’s bank account number and bank details. The bank account must belong to the registered customer and must be from a commercial or Islamic bank in Malaysia.

There will be a cancellation fees charged for approved cancellation. The cancellation fees charged is clearly stated in the proposal of the solar service provider’s terms and conditions section.


Subject to the terms and conditions of policy, in the event of cancellation of insurance contract, the insurer or insurance underwriter may refund a proportion of the premium paid, if any, provided always that no claim has been made and subject to deduction for costs and expenses incurred in placement of the insurance cover, including but not limited to insurance agency’s commission, fees and expenses.

Last updated: 1 Jan 2024