6 Benefits of Using Solar Energy

buySolar Save Electricity Bill
Save more on your electricity bill
Generate your electricity with solar and reduce your electricity bills.
buySolar Low Maintenance
Low maintenance cost
You only need to keep the panels clean and ensure no trees are overshadowing them to optimize the panel’s performance.
buySolar Save Environment
Save the environment
Solar is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. A typical solar system eliminates three to four tonnes of carbon emissions each year which is equivalent to planting over 100 trees annually.
buySolar Eco-Friendly Renewable Energy
Eco-friendly source of renewable energy
Solar energy is a renewable resource as it reaches us through the sun’s rays.
buySolar Pollution-Free Energy
Cleaner, pollution-free energy
Solar energy is green, sustainable and does not emit pollutants.
buySolar Earn From Excess Power
Earn from the excess power produced
Administered and supported by SEDA, you can now earn by selling excess power produced back to TNB.

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buySolar Dynamic Solutions
Dynamic solutions that match your needs
At buySolar, we provide you with dynamic solutions for your premise.
buySolar Prompt Efficient Support
Prompt & efficient sales support
Our Solar Advisors are your buddies when you go solar. You can receive free assistance via phone or email.
buySolar Trusted Credible Suppliers
Trusted & credible registered solar suppliers
We pre-screen solar suppliers for certifications, experience, and quality before they join our marketplace.
buySolar Customer Care Service
Customer Care Service
buySolar is always here to assist you.
buySolar Provide Solar Financing Options
We provide solar financing options
buySolar provides unbiased solar financing information.
buySolar Monitoring Features
Monitoring features
With the monitoring features, you get real-time information about the various aspects of your solar system operations.

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