My solar PV system is brand new and is still under manufacturer’s warranty. Do I still need SolarPro?

Yes, absolutely. While you may still enjoy warranty provided by the manufacturer, it doesn’t cover loss/damage to your system caused by the many risks/perils when almost 80% of your system is exposed to the elements.

Does SolarPro cover manufacturing defects?

No. Manufacturers are responsible for replacing/repairing or make good any part/component/equipment that may be defective.

I already have fire insurance that includes the solar PV system. Is the coverage sufficient?

No. Most basic fire insurance only covers loss/damage caused by
i) fire,
ii) lightning, and
iii) explosion.

There are many other perils which are faced by solar PV systems which are not covered such as windstorm, theft, malicious damage, power surge and more.

My property is often visited by wild animals such as monkeys, birds, etc. Does SolarPro cover damage caused by animals?

Yes. SolarPro provides coverage for both roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar PV systems which could be damaged by animals. In fact, a common problem faced by many solar PV system owners is damage caused by rat bites. SolarPro covers damage caused by rat bites, which is not available with other insurance providers.

My solar PV system is already more than 5 years old. Can I still buy SolarPro?

Yes, of course. Whether brand new or existing systems, SolarPro will provide protection and peace of mind for its owners.

What’s so special about SolarPro? Can’t I just protect my system with a fire or all-risk insurance?

SolarPro was designed in collaboration with the Sustainable Energy Development Agency (SEDA) and Malaysia Photovoltaic Industry Association (MPIA) whose input was crucial to create an insurance scheme which is tailor-made for solar PV systems that other insurance schemes are not equipped to protect.

Exclusive to SolarPro is also the loss-of-income or loss-of savings benefit where SolarPro will compensate the insured cash when the system suffers a breakdown due to any insured perils.

Is SolarPro expensive?

SolarPro is very competitively priced in order to make it highly affordable to solar PV system owners as one of their objectives is to save money. You can enjoy the flexibility of choosing one out of eight different SolarPro plans that fits your requirements starting from only RM147.80 per year.

How can I get a quotation for my solar PV system?

For residential systems, SolarPro has been designed with 8 pre-packaged plans.

You just need to pick the plan which best suits your requirements. No quotations are needed.

Is there any deductible/excess that is applicable to SolarPro?

No. There is zero deductible/excess for SolarPro residential plans, which means you can even claim for a RM5 fuse replacement by an approved Service Provider.

Do I have to pay first and then claim later?

Absolutely not. This is a hassle-free, non-cash indemnity plan where Allianz will pay directly to the Service Provider for the restoration of your PV system.

Who would be appointed to repair/replace my solar PV system when I suffer a loss/damage?

Your SEDA & MPIA certified service provider can repair your system. If the original service provider is no longer available, SolarPro has a ready panel of Service Providers who are highly experienced and SEDA and MPIA certified as well who can assist you.

Who is the underwriter for SolarPro?

SolarPro is underwritten by Allianz General Insurance Company (M) Berhad.

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