Referral Program

Referral Program

How do I track my referral status?

You must be a registered buySolar user to track your referral status.

Log in to your buySolar profile and view your referral status

Once you have logged in, follow the steps below to view referral status(es):-

Step 1: Click on 'Hi [your name]'. Tap on 'My Referral menu. OR, if you see a left panel, tap on 'My Referral’ You will see the Referred Quotation listing & Referred Order listing from the supplier(s) you selected.

Step 2: Referred Order listing with the Job Completion Date will entitle you for the reward of the referral program.

How many people can I refer to buySolar?

There is no limit to how many people you can invite to join buySolar. So, go ahead and invite as many as you like!

When will I receive my gift or reward?

A referrer will be rewarded based on the number of qualified referrals. For every qualified referral who purchased a solar PV system, the referrer is entitled to a Touch n’ Go eWallet voucher worth RM100. Once the qualified referral is verified, buySolar’s customer experience team will contact the referrer and the voucher will be issued to the referrer within fourteen (14) working days.

Where can friends enter my referral code?

Your friend will click on the referral invite link that share from you or from your email. Your referral code and name will be shown on screen. Your friend just need to fill in their contact information for our customer service to call them for further engagement.

Who should I send my referral invite link to?

Solar power is for anybody and everybody! So, spread the word and send your referral invite link to all your family members, friends, and colleagues whom you think could benefit from solar power.

How do I refer a friend?

You have to access buySolar referral program webpage through clicking a link from Electronic Marketing Email from buySolar or Facebook advertisement or buySolar web page Referral Program link.
Follow the 2 steps below:-

  • Enter your name and contact information. Click a button to generate a referral invite link.
  • A referral invite link will be generated. You may copy the link and share with your friends. Alternatively, you may click on the Email button, an email will be defaulted with the referral link show in the content. You just need to enter the recipient email address to share the link.

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