A Solar-Powered Future

Right off the bat, how many solar-powered gadgets can you name? If your answers are limited to cars, calculators and water heaters, then you are in for a surprise. Since the invention of the first solar cell in 1941, solar photovoltaic technology has gone through significant development and integrated very well into our everyday lives.

Today, scientists and companies have come up with some of the coolest solar-powered inventions. For instance, North-Holland unveiled SolaRoad, a beautiful bike path fitted with solar panels, in 2014. The electricity generated by the solar panels on SolaRoad is utilized to power traffic lights and streetlights. Another invention would be solar umbrellas fitted with LED lights which charge during the day and illuminate during the night. On top of that, solar panels are also fitted on familiar things around us such as backpacks, bikes, ovens, vending machines, laptops, boats, phones and watches. All these only go to show just how incredible the potential of solar energy is.

The heart of the matter right now is how we can make these solar-powered gadgets more affordable and attainable. It is undeniable that the process of integrating solar into our lives has already begun. However, the advancements we seek are higher efficiency and lower costs. In terms of efficiency, we have witnessed encouraging progress where solar panels are expected to reach commercialization soon. In terms of costs, the price to install a solar panel system has fallen by at least 65% over the last decade.

With this in mind, solar energy is the promising energy source for the future. One of the ways we could contribute to the adoption of solar power is to start investing in it ourselves. A growing interest in switching to solar will motivate public readiness and acceptance towards solar power and eventually encourage more people to make the switch. More than reducing your electricity bills and carbon footprint, you now become an advocate for solar energy.

When we understand the importance of relying on clean and sustainable energy, we would not be concerned only with the immediate effects of going solar but also take into consideration how our actions today will determine the future. Aside from the almost-instant benefits that we may enjoy when we go solar now, we too should work towards building a solar-powered future in which our lifestyle can depend on the abundant energy from the Sun.

Let's start now to solar-power our generation to enrich the coming generations via green and renewable energy. It is a forward-thinking decision and investment. We should be mindful of our responsibility in creating and maintaining a sustainable environment for the community.