Journeying Towards Solar Power Together

Going solar sounds like a great “sunny” idea. It contributes positively to the wellbeing of the environment, reduces our monthly electricity bills and, is generally perceived as a wise investment. However, a great idea needs an equally good plan to go alongside it. To some, the journey towards going solar seems daunting and complicated.

Here is where buySolar steps in. As a platform connecting solar panels buyers and suppliers, buySolar has its customers’ best interest at heart. It is buySolar’s goal to assist every customer in his/her search for the most suitable system. From its inception and right to the end of your solar investment experience, buySolar will be there.

To kick things off, buySolar is ready to provide you with an instant estimated cost for your system. All you have to do is to visit our website and fill in the necessary information in the form given. With your premise’s area size details, buySolar will be able to recommend a suitable solar power system as well as to estimate your potential savings on your annual electricity bill.

Let’s say your estimated potential cost savings turn out to be an attractive deal for you, then buySolar will assign a solar panels provider to send you a simplified quotation. The beauty of this platform is that we allow potential customers to compare quotes from different solar panel suppliers. If you are not satisfied with the quotation given, you can always request another quotation from a different supplier.

Once you are happy with the quotation, buySolar will work out a mutually acceptable date and time for both you and our solar panels provider to conduct a site visit. During the scheduled visit, our solar panels provider will evaluate the suitability of installing solar panels at the location. Thereafter, if all things go well, our solar panels provider will apply for the right renewable energy scheme with the authorities before moving on to the installation of the solar panels.

At the same time, you can also evaluate financing options according to your needs. Being the one-stop solar online marketplace, we connect our customers with banks and financiers to simplify financing application process to meet your financing needs.

Once all necessary applications are approved, the installation phase will begin. After the installation, your solar panels are good to go. Not forgetting, for performance monitoring, just log in to your account on our buySolar website.
There you go! Going solar in 6 steps has never been easier.