Solar Panel Warranty
& 3 Important Questions to Ask About It

Going solar offers impactful benefits such as reducing your electricity costs while also decreasing your carbon footprint. Naturally, your PV system must be performing efficiently and consistently for you to enjoy these benefits. Else, the return on your investment will diminish! This is why the terms of the solar panel warranty for your solar PV system are as important as the equipment itself. Here are some warranties you may come across:

  1. Solar Panel Warranty

    According to the industry standards, this type of warranty should cover your solar panels for 25 – 30 years. This warranty covers a guaranteed minimum power output over the warranty period of the panel. Industry standards also indicate that you should receive a minimum of 80% energy output for the length of time the panels are covered under the warranty.

  2. Installation Warranty

    If your solar panels and related equipment have been installed incorrectly, this warranty will cover things like, the labour and parts related to repair or replacing elements of the system, roof penetrations, shipping, replacing defective parts, and more. These types of warranties generally last from 2 – 10 years. To find out about the details, make sure to ask your PV provider and find out.

  3. Inverter Warranty

    This type of warranty can vary from company to company, so make sure you find out prior installation.

It’s not enough to only know the types of warranties offered, you got to make sure the warranty terms suit your needs. Take time exploring and comparing between PV providers. If you need help getting started, ask these 3 questions:

  1. How long has the PV provider been in business?

    Examining the track record and stability of the company from which you’re purchasing your solar panels is a good place to start. After all, you want a trustworthy and capable PV provider with a pleasant history of customer service to service your warranty years down the road.

  2. What specifically does the warranty cover?

    Solar panel warranties typically address two key areas: product and performance. The product warranty covers the equipment itself and offers protection against manufacturer defects, and unusual wear and tear on the panels. Meanwhile, a performance warranty will usually guarantee that its product will perform at 80% – 90% of its power output rating for the life of the warranty. If you have any further concerns, go ahead and ask your PV provider how exactly will they fix the issue. This way, you get to learn and understand more of their level of service.

  3. What are the limits to the warranty’s coverage?

    It’s important for you to know what’s your responsibility and what’s covered by the solar PV providers. Situations that are commonly exempted from the warranty coverage include:

    • Damage due to improper installation, improper wiring or caused by other parts of the PV system.
    • Alterations made to the panel by installers or homeowners.
    • Problems due to installation by an unapproved or non-qualified installer.
    • Damage or issues caused by events outside of the manufacturer’s control such as extreme weather, vandalism, and accidents.
    • Issues caused by a lack of proper maintenance.

    In some situations where warranty do not cover, insurance may step into the picture. Therefore, if you are not sure of which situations are covered by warranties and which can only be covered by insurance, talk to us at buySolar! We don’t only offer solar solutions, we also cover financing solutions, insurance solutions, monitoring features and so on. So, fret not, because buySolar’s got you covered!