The Process of Installing Commercial Solar

Discover the process designed to bring renewable power to businesses.

Transitioning to solar energy not only reduces operational costs but also positions businesses as environmentally responsible entities. The installation of commercial solar systems involves a well-structured process that ensures efficiency and optimal results. Here's a comprehensive guide to the steps involved.

Commercial Solar Process

1. Expression of Interest

The journey commences as clients express their interest by registering through the buySolar website or responding to Facebook ads. This initial interaction signifies the start of the solar journey.

2. Client Engagement

A dedicated customer service representative engages with the client to gather vital information. This interaction sets the foundation for a tailored solar solution.

3. Sales Team Involvement

The gathered client information is then transferred to the sales team. The sales team establishes direct contact with the client to gain deeper insights into their specific requirements and energy needs.

4. Supplier Quotations

With the essential data, the sales team requests quotations from selected suppliers. The received quotations are meticulously curated by the sales team and presented to the client.

5. Proposal Assessment

The client evaluates the proposals and selects the supplier that aligns best with their energy goals and financial considerations.

6. Site Visit Coordination

The chosen supplier and the client collaborate in a site visit to better understand the installation requirements and assess the location's solar potential.

7. Final Proposal and Assessment

After the site visit, the supplier furnishes the client with a comprehensive final proposal and a site assessment report. Should the client be ready to proceed, the sales team will collect the required documents for NEM Nova and MIDA application (optional depending on customer). The initial payment is secured at this stage.

8. NEM Nova Approval and MIDA Acknowledgement

The sales team, having obtained NEM Nova approval and the acknowledgement letter from MIDA, partners with the supplier to establish a suitable installation date that minimises disruption to business operations.

9. Installation and Payment

On the scheduled installation date, the solar system is seamlessly integrated. Simultaneously, the final payment is collected from the client, marking the culmination of the installation process.

10. GITA Incentive Claim

If you opt to apply for MIDA, you'll receive your MIDA approval approximately 2-4 months post-installation, allowing you to start claiming GITA and further enhancing the financial benefits of your solar investment.

Key Takeaways:

  • The installation of commercial solar systems encompasses a series of interconnected steps, all designed to streamline the transition to clean energy.
  • From the initial expression of interest to the post-installation phase, buySolar will ensure a smooth journey towards sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions for businesses.